• Workbench NG

    Hier findet Entwicklung und Verwaltung von Workbench 2.0 statt

    Das SVN findet sich unter

  • Citation networks

    Source code repository for projects related to citation network analysis.

  • CT Studio

    Computational Thinking Tools

  • DevCamp 2013

    Océ DevCamp 2013

    • ALiBI

      ALiBI - *A*nswer *LI*fe's *B*urning quest*I*on

    • AMAR

      *A*ugmented *M*aintenance *A*nd Error *R*ecognition


      MANUal Electronic Learning for Aircontrol

  • FreeStyler

    FreeStyler is a flexible application that combines aspects of NoteIt! and Cool Modes. It has a page-based representation and can be extended to various domains using Cool Modes' plugins ("palettes"). It supports collaborative modeling through the use of coupling based on the MatchMaker server (included)....

  • Go-Lab

    The Go-Lab Project (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School) opens up remote science laboratories and their online models (online labs) for the large-scale use in education. This repository manages laboratories, applications, and inquiry learning space templates in a good organizational way. It supports the Go-Lab Portal to offer students the opportunity to perform personalized scientific experiments with online labs, whereas teachers may enrich their classroom activities with demonstrations and disseminate best practices in a web-based pedagogic community....

  • H5P

    H5P related projects

    • Hackathon-2015

      1. COLLIDE-Informatik-LehrerInnen-Hackathon

      Arduino und Raspberry Pi im Schuleinsatz - Mikrocontroller für Einsteiger

  • Liferay Plugins

    Collide has developed various Plugins (Hooks, Portlets) for Liferay in the course of several projects funded by the German Ministry of Education. The plugins are either providing facilities that are considered helpful for learning or the administration of learning processes. Of course they may also be reasonably used for other purposes....

    • Liferay Video Center

      This project is about providing a video playing and uploading facility for Liferay versions 6.1.
      With this plugin it is possible to create collections of videos from well-known video portals or to upload videos to a video server of your own.

      The video server is just an Apache with a bundle of python scripts to maintain the data. Incoming videos are automatically converted (using ffmpeg) to .mp4 and .webM to provide HTML5 native support for playing in a browser....

  • Matchballs

    in which the player creates statements by linking (“matching”) concepts displayed as balls (see Figure 3). A statement consists of two concepts linked by one of four predetermined relation types. The game can be played either as two player game or as single player game with a bot. Each pair of players sees the same game field (concepts) and the goal is to agree with the teammate on as many relations as possible in a given time. To agree on a relation both players have to create it. If they agree on a relation, they score points and get time bonuses. Players may see the relations of their teammates, but not the relation types. The initial relations of the player are visualized by hour glasses and the relations of the teammate by question marks . If the teammates agree on a relation, this relation is displayed by stars , if they disagree, it is displayed by red x....

  • SQLSpaces

    SQLSpaces is an implementation of the TupleSpaces concept that features many new ideas while keeping the API clear and simple. It is based on top of a relational database, which gives the project its name.

    The idea of TupleSpaces goes back to the mid-80s, when they were first introduced by Gelernter and Carriero from Yale University together with the Linda coordination language. The idea is to have a client server architecture with a communication solely based on tuples, i.e. ordered lists of primitive data. The clients can write and take tuples from the server and do not need to know anything about other clients. They just communicate over the server without "knowing" any other client's address. The query mechanisms of a TupleSpaces system are mainly associative, i.e. the queries are defined by creating templates tuples with so-called formal fields, that are interpreted as wildcards....

    • SQLSpaces-JavaScript

      The SQLSpaces-JavaScript library is a client library to access the SQLSpaces server directly from the browser. The API has been designed to be very similar to the main Java API and therefore guarantees easy knowledge transfer.

    • SQLSpaces-NodeJS

      The SQLSpaces-NodeJS projects hosts the SQLSpaces module for and the node-based SQLSpaces-JavaScript shell.

  • SummerCamp 2012

    This is the main site for the SummerCamp 2012 projects. You can host documents and other resources, document your project in a wiki, share your code using SVN.

    • Drone

      The Drone Group is part of "SummerCamp 2012" sponsored by océ.

      We used the Parrot AR.Drone, which can be controlled via mobile Phones by using the application "FreeFlight 2.0" for Android and iPhone...

    • KinectCut

      The Kinect is a known Microsoft gaming console accessoire for XBox 360. Since February 2012, there is also a PC-version available. But for what purpose do you use a gaming console tool on your computer?

      There are already application specific projects using the Kinect. ...

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