Presentation Wednesday

What do we have?

  • Drone
  • Java API to communicate with the drone
  • Methods to fly manually with the drone

What are we going to do?

  • Teaching the drone to deliver things indoor

How do we want to reach our goals?

  • Teaching the drone to scan QR codes
    • Let the drone choose the best (new) way from this marker to the destination
    • Center the drone above a marker
    • Let the drone rotate to the right heading (if necessary)
  • Using a algorithm on the computer to calculate the best way to reach the goal paying attention to obstacles
  • Let the drone fly to the destination
  • Let the drone correct it's actions during the flight (if the way is i.e. crossing the way of another drone)
  • Teaching the drone to land at the destination

What did we do until now?

  • Implemented QR code scanner (that recognizes that there is a marker and can read the code)
  • Chose breadth first algorithm for the calculation of the best way
  • Created a GUI to define the target and to visualize the route
  • Prepared the calculation of the difference between the real heading and the desired heading

What can we present on Wednesday?

Team drone control

  • Searching a marker with the drone
  • Reading and decoding the QR code
  • Landing near the QR code

Navigation team

  • Simulating path finding around obstacles


  1. The drone is drifting


  1. Fine-tuning

Future planing

  • Thursday
    • Integrating components
    • Bug fixing
    • Recording video for final presentation
    • Preparation final presentation
  • Friday
    • Last minute changes on presentation