Use this plug-in to structure and visualize your argumentation. It is based on the Toulmin Model of Argument.

palette argumentation



Drag the node from the right and drop it onto the white left site. You can choose between this nodes:

  • position
  • Modal operator
  • Fact
  • Exception
  • Conclusion
  • Exposition
  • sythesis
  • support


The edge mode is activated by clicking on the desired edge in the palette. An edge is drawn by dragging the mouse with a pressed left button from the start node to the end node.

The black edge can be labeled. For a positive connection use the blue edge and for a negative the red one. To delete a connection, click on the striked arrow and do the same as for connecting boxes.


Stephen Toulmin

argumentation_palette.png (10.3 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 06/17/2013 01:48 PM