Let FreeStyler draw your function graphs with this plugin. You can use it with the plug-in System Dynamics.



Function Term is used to enter the term, which can be visualized in the graph display. You can zoom in and out and change the view port (arrow buttons).
The tables can show the x and y data.


The edge mode is activated by clicking on the desired edge in the palette. An edge is drawn by dragging the mouse with a pressed left button from the start node to the end node. Click again on the edge in the palette to deactivate the edge. You can choose between colored edge and information flow edge.

The colored edge can be used to connect a graph with a function term. To change the color of the edge and the graph, click on the circle and choose a color:

To delete a connection, click on the striked arrow and do the same as for connecting boxes.




functions_palette.png (89.7 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 06/24/2013 12:16 PM

functions_coloredEdge.png (12.1 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 06/24/2013 12:32 PM

functions_example.png (27.9 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 06/24/2013 12:39 PM