The FreeStyler supports different visual languages organized in plug-ins. In FreeStyler these plug-ins are called palettes. A palette contains all graphical elements of a visual language. These elements are shown in the palette panel on the right side. It is possible to open several palettes at the same time.
They are organized in tabs in the palette panel. Addition palettes can be loaded on demand.

This shows the palette loading dialog. Currently there are around 60 palettes for FreeStyler, which support a vast amount of scenarios.

Petri nets, UML and QOC are just some well known visual representations for which palettes already exist. The strength of FreeStyler is that it does not only visualize the models, but it can also run simulations e.g. with the Petri nets palette.

plug-ins.png (87.5 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 06/17/2013 12:15 PM