The workspace contains pages, which can be easily accessed by the page tabs or the browsing arrows in the control panel at the bottom. The pages consist of different layers for graphical elements and for hand writing. The layers can be organized dynamically and are shown on demand by the layer control. The hand writing layer contains the hand written input in the form of strokes. Strokes can have different colors and strengths. They can be moved and deleted. The hand writing functionality enables the user to annotate her/his models in an intuitive way and also allows using FreeStyler as a digital white board application. Graph layers contain the elements of the visual languages. Users make use of them by dragging elements from the palette, and dropping them at the desired location on the page. They can also connect them through links. Depending on the visual language these links infer changes of the model. Such visual models offer simulations opportunities to the user. Furthermore elements of different visual languages can be mixed with each other