The Kinect is a known Microsoft gaming console accessoire for XBox 360. Since February 2012, there is also a PC-version available. But for what purpose do you use a gaming console tool on your computer?

There are already application specific projects using the Kinect.
For example, it is used in sterile environment like an operating room, where the doctor can take a look at X-ray pictures and change the shown picture without touching a mouse or a keyboard.

In this project, we developed KinectCut - Kinect using shortCuts.
Our main goal was to develop a generic and platform independent software, you could control every program with.

We used Java, OpenNI and PrimeSense to achieve an application independent Kinect control.
KinectCut translates gestures into keyboard shortcuts and mouse commands.

In our Wiki, you can find a demo video of KinectCut.

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