• Kodak Graphics Communications Company, Canada
    "Kodak is using SQLSpaces as a key component of a light-weight Space Based Architecture for product integration in a distributed computing environment. The main benefits include Java and .NET APIs, integration with PostgreSQL, and ease of use."
  • Science Created by You, European Research Project
    "SCY is using the SQLSpaces as the central blackboard system for an intelligent agent architecture. Through the usage of SQLSpaces, the project is able to integrate intelligent agents written in Java and Prolog into one system."
  • University of Twente, The Netherlands
    "The department of Instructional Technology at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) is using SQLSpaces to implement collaborative educational software applications, e.g. for experimental studies on collaborative drawing. Especially in classroom contexts, SQLSpaces proved to be a robust, light-weight and ad-hoc means to create distributed architectures."
  • SmartLab at University of Rostock, Germany
    "The "Smart Appliance Lab" or SmartLab is our testbed for an intelligent ambient environment. In this lab, we try to research new ways in Human Computer Interaction. Smart environments should adapt to the user's needs by assisting the users pro-actively with his task. This helps the user to focus on his actual task instead of operating the installed devices."
  • Argunaut, European Research Project
    "In Argunaut the SQLSpaces have been used as the central communication middleware platform to connect the distributed learning environments and moderation tools."
  • Universidad de Málaga, Spain
    "SQLSpaces are used in order to carry out some practices during a course of Coordination and Concurrent Programming by Prof. Bartolomé Rubio Muñoz."