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12:30 PM MANUELA Revision 62: changed methodname to avoid confliction
12:29 PM MANUELA Revision 61: added Feedback Controller to the update
12:13 PM MANUELA Revision 58: Changed an ugly thing into an unnoticable thing.
11:40 AM MANUELA Revision 56: Fixed a bug in the FeedbackController
11:40 AM MANUELA Revision 55: Small changes to the FeedbackController
11:13 AM MANUELA Revision 53: FeedbackController update
10:35 AM MANUELA Revision 51: FeedbackController


03:43 PM MANUELA Revision 41: Feedback Class


11:43 PM MANUELA Feature #410: Mapping of hand gestures to the AR Drone commands
Read all the data from the leap motion, store each separate type in a list of a length that depends on the reliabilit...
11:32 PM MANUELA Task #413 (New): Write required methods for controlling and for gui feedback...
> > Required: detectable states from Leap < <
Write the following methods and check overlap with actual drone con...

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