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01:53 PM Go-Lab Revision 7483: updated dutch circuits grammar (grammars/circuits-nl.js)
updated parser criteria
added EN versions of the module for hard-wired grammar switching


08:54 PM Go-Lab Revision 7353: add feedback dialog title and translation strings
fix offset of syntax parse fail start position
tweak grammar & feedback creation for less ambiguity and more informat...


04:09 PM Go-Lab Revision 7336: (re) add i18n and language strings
add (and hardcode use of) dutch circuits syntax
remove ECMAScript 2015 (E6) features from syntax inline js (..., =>)


12:03 PM Go-Lab Revision 7308: add translation strings properly, fix some spelling mistakes


10:39 AM Go-Lab Revision 7294: tweaks to criteria
translate all criteria to english
hook up criteria selection options to parser


04:25 PM Go-Lab Revision 7272: add lodash lib (I don't want to pollute the commons - and we didn't seem to have i...
04:25 PM Go-Lab Revision 7271: add feedback criteria
- added individual feedback criteria for manipulation, CVS, interaction and qualification
- altered feedback popup
- ...


10:47 AM Go-Lab Revision 6814


02:54 PM Go-Lab Revision 6792: better marking of errors in syntax
12:38 PM Go-Lab Revision 6789: fix language strings, simplify and correct less for coloured feedbackIcon

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